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1. What is Ordering / Manufacturer Part number?
Often abbreviated MPN, Part no, P/N or part #. It gives complete information about Manufacturer Name, Family / category, Temperature, Package & Packing details. It is unique idendfication for distributors and suppliers. All manufactuer's product datasheet / catalog carrying this ordering information.

2. Difference between component Package & Packing?
Package : The semiconductor industry manufactures a very huge variety of integrated circuits that have different packaging requirements.  Package attributes that are taken into consideration when choosing a package type for a particular semiconductor device include: size, lead count, power dissipation, field operating conditions, and of course cost.
More details
Packing : Today's high-speed machines for electronics manufacturing require the feed lines to receive components in the tape or reel form. Not always the components are available in desired packing. This means components need to be repacked in the required packing form.


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